Water front properties : Shore line allowance

I would like to clarify the shore line allowance  often related with purchase or sale of waterfront properties….

Speaking of shorelines and access, the land underneath a lake or a river actually belongs to the Crown (the government), and public ownership may extend beyond the waterline and up the shore on some properties. Sixty six (66) foot wide areas were established in 1800s from height water mark around the contour of many but not all lakes in Ontario. Shore road allowances originally were kept to built the road and Townships ( Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry if no Township exist ) at some point of time were offering to buy out that land for adjoining property owners only and technically add it to your parcel. Currently 3 option exists in term of describing shore load allowances: open (not owned), closed ( owned) or not applicable in the case if not exist. There are legal fees associated with such sale. At some properties shoreline allowance located under the water line so you should not warry about buying it from the Township as it actually can not be accessed from neighbour sides. It may add some benefit to the potential sale of the waterfront property. Buyers want to know if they’ll have to provide public access to boaters and sunbathers on what appears to be their own private beach.