What to consider before selling your place

  1. Is it the right time to place your property on the market?
  2. What is the right Price? Who can help with pricing?
  3. Should I hire an interior designer or consider some reno?
  4. Who will be my agent? Can I be your agent? You only pay the commission to my brokerage, if I successfully sell your home at the price you are happy with.

Ask your Sales professional

  • Listing agreements explained
  • Which elements in the offer should be declined?
  • How to prepare for showings at your place
  • Moving and closing dates estimates
  • Ask an agent about closing costs?

If you would like to contact me to set up a no longer than one hour meeting to walk me through your home, discuss anything we need to do to the home that would cause it to sell quicker or possibly get you more money, discuss a marketable price and allowing me the opportunity to share with you how I can assist you in getting your home SOLD PLEASE click here.

Sincerely yours, Sergey Bogdanets